We help music software companies find their audience

Whether you’re bringing your first product  to market or you’re an established company that needs to engage its user base, we have years of experience in launching music software and creating editorial content that drives traffic and gives back to your audience.


Product Launches

When it comes to launching a plugin, we’ve seen what makes an impact and what doesn’t. Whether you just want an effective press release or an entire marketing campaign with videos, influencers, landing pages and customer journeys, we’ve done it all before.

Launching virtual instruments and effects plugins is our bread and butter. We get the right message out to the right people, in the right places, and create or source the most effective materials to showcase your software at its best.

For startups and small companies, we can work for a percentage of sales.


We’ve worked for some of the biggest magazines and websites in the industry, and now we use that experience to run blogs for some of the biggest audio software developers.

Our world-class editorial team and our network of specialised writers are focused on driving traffic and pairing with artists, while the prime objective remains to simply create excellent content.


From trailers to tutorials, and many more in between, we believe that video is the ideal medium for music software to get exposure. We create product trailers that fit perfectly into an overall marketing strategy.

Our tutorials and other video content are the best way to showcase the sounds and features of any plugin to potential buyers, and are invaluable to keep existing users engaged.


With a background in the biggest ‘newsrooms’ in the music software world, we know exactly what makes an effective press release. We know how to get into the right inboxes and how to get the attention of busy people when we’re there.

Too much information? Too little information? Which sites look where for their news sources? Who cares about synths, who just covers hardware? We have the answers.


What are the best places to advertise to music producers? How much should you expect to pay? Which audiences work and which don’t? And most importantly, how can you monitor the direct impact of a campaign to determine if it’s actually making money back?

Our experience across social media, video advertising, Google Ads, magazines and specialist websites can help you to avoid throwing your budget into a black hole. We can  help to tailor existing ad campaigns or handle the entire process from end to end.

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